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Get All Your Projects Completed & Maintained With Our MT85 Bobcat & Kubota SVL75-2

We have a range of different services our MT85 Bobcat machine can provide. It can fit into any gate with a width of 3 Ft 5 inches.

The Kubota SVL75-2 is has a 7 Ft width designed to perform in larger all season projects!

Our team provides regular maintenance on our machines to make sure its running smoothly on site to get the job done.

Some Attachments We Own & Operate:

  • Stump Grinder
  • Post Hole Auger
  • Smooth Bucket for grading, & leveling
  • Tooth Bucket for loading & Hauling
  • Snow Removal & Hauling
  • Hydraulic Breaker for Demolition
  • Pallet Fork

We can fit just about into any backyard or small fitting area with our MT85 Bobcat – its a life saver.

We now have a larger unit, the Kubota SVL75-2 which is a powerful machine that can grade & move around more fill in larger areas.

If your a Contractor, we would be happy to support you in your projects.

We sub-contract all the time, to help our growing Community.

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    Available for all of your Landscaping needs!

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Hedge Trimming & Pruning Trees or Shrubs

We take pride in taking the time to hedge & prune our shrubs.

It takes alot of patience & practice, thats why we train at Arbor Canada.

Every 3 years we are required for the training to stay up to date with modern pruning techniques.

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Garden Clean Up & Bobcat MT85

We charge about $60 – $90 per hour depending on how much labor is involved in the project. We charge a seperate $275 fee per MT85 Bobcat usage per day, on top of our hourly fee.

We usually work in a crew of 2 – 4 Employees.

Landscape Design

Request a quote & we will design the layout as your vision, we will try our best to fulfill your order. We use Barkman products from Pavers to Hardscape, we will install it all for you!

Power Raking & Core Aeration

We set out to perform our De-Thatching or Power Raking & Aeration services around April 18 until May 7.

Then we begin Grass Cutting Services 5 Month Coverage that is billed once at the end of each month running until October 31 to end our season off with a Fall Clean Up.

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing & Surgery can be a risky procedure involving the surrounding area, the health of the tree, & of course the beauty of its vitality.

We hire qualified Arborists to Tree climb for Andes Contracting.

We provide the proof of qualification when asked by our clients.

Please respect Nature, Dont Litter.

Planting Fruit-Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

Our goal is to plant 300 trees or shrubs per season.

We will keep track in our Log Book to keep score every year on our progress to show you how much we LOVE planting.

While providing you with more clean air to breath.

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